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Släpstick. Musical and physical comedy with a universal appeal of all ages and cultures.

SLÄPSTICK is based in the Netherlands and produce and play shows since 2003. Their last show, equally names Släpstick premiered in January 2017 in the Netherlands and was showered with enthusiastic reviews in the Dutch National Press. Later that year they won the Spirit of the Fringe Award  at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and subsequently landed tours throughout Belgium, France, England, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and New Zealand. In 2023 Släpstick returns to the Fringe in Edinburgh with their new show Schërzo.


Virtuosic musical comedy at a ridiculously high level

Combining rich tradition and unbelievable innovation, a five star show!

SLÄPSTICK is an ode to musical comedy: from the medieval troubadour to Spike Jones, from the Marx Brothers to Grock. The men of SLÄPSTICK create their own music hall whilst giving a special twist to famous scenes from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. The result is a show of musical virtuosity, emotion and humour, from the biggest to the very smallest, in technicolour and black and white, and above all – SLÄPSTICK!


2019 - Moerser Comedy Arts Price - Kulturtstiftun Sparkasse am Niederrhein, 43th Edition.

2018 - Johan Kaartprijs. Dutch National Theatre Price.

2017 - Spirit of the Fringe Award - International Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

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