SLÄPSTICK is a music theatre group. Since 2005 they have conquered the stages of Dutch theatres and festivals with their musical comedy shows (until last year in the Netherlands under the name Wëreldbänd). The musicians are perfectly skilled comics, singers and dancers. Together they play more than 100 instruments. With their music styles from all around the world SLÄPSTICK unites cultures, opens doors, pokes fun at tradition and is not afraid to use unmitigated sentiment. In 2018 they will play their show in The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Germany and Italy.

Combining rich tradition and unbelievable innovation, a five star show!

SLÄPSTICK is an ode to musical comedy: from the medieval troubadour to Spike Jones, from the Marx Brothers to Grock. The men of SLÄPSTICK create their own music hall whilst giving a special twist to famous scenes from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. The result is a show of musical virtuosity, emotion and humour, from the biggest to the very smallest, in technicolour and black and white, and above all – SLÄPSTICK!

SLÄPSTICK wins international prize

Five star success for SLÄPSTICK at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

In August 2017 SLÄPSTICK won the prestigious Spirit of the Fringe Award at the international Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. This award is the cherry on the cake after an extremely successful month at the festival. Amongst more than four thousand other theatre makers, the group quickly became the talk of the town: four and five star reviews in the Scottish national press brought in six thousand audience members, all eager to experience SLÄPSTICK.

SInce Edinburhg, the doors to stages outside the Netherlands were opened. Släpstick plays the international stages in the UK, Gemany and Denmark. In November 2019 they will tour in France. 

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